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No Upfront or Hidden Fees

We don't charge anything upfront. When we provide your quote, it's the total amount with no other hidden or lingering fees. We will first assign you a driver and assure that your vehicles is ready for transport before any billing occurs. You pay our driver cash on delivery. (Cash, Certified Check or Money Order).
This means we provide you the service first. Assuring you a qualified professional driver to get the job done right. Because at AP Cargo Express, we believe that our commitment should come before yours!

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Door to Door Service

Sometimes companies will have you take your vehicle to a pickup or drop off destination to ease the trip for the driver. At AP Cargo Express we know that it may be an inconvenience, why we offer a complete door to door service to make it easy and convenient for our customers. We value your time and know that if we can make life just that bit easier, why not.
Sit back and relax while we do all the hard work for you. Let AP Cargo Express handle your pickup and delivery with the ease of our door to door service just a phone call away.

Why AP Cargo Express ?

Taking a long trip can have many obstacles present upon itself. Especially if you are traveling alone or for the first time. Whether its vehicle breakdown, flat tire, Mother Nature, an unfortunate accident or just the added expense with today’s gasoline prices and tolls. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and road trips become a nightmare and end up spending more than your budget. 100% rating on carriers load-boards, very important on the auto transport business.