Vehicle and keys are needed only

It’s unnecessary to give your assigned driver a vehicle title or registration unless it is being delivered to a location that requires said documentation. Assure that you have the vehicle and the keys available, it’s that easy.


Extra luggage

You may ship your vehicle with personal items (up to 100 lbs.) in a safe and discreet location of your vehicle, typically the trunk of your car at no extra cost, just as long as it does not get in the way with the safe transport of your vehicle. The Driver assigned has the right to check the vehicle’s trunk for unlawful items.


Insurance coverage

Your car is protected and insured during its transport. We verify each carrier and require lawful coverage insurance to be maintained at all times when hauling for AP Cargo Express.


Best rate

Our rates are amongst the most competitive rates in the industry. Our professional staff provides your rate based on all the factors in

play that affect the shipping rate.

Vehicle delivery monitoring

Many customers have enjoyed our multi-car, efficient transport service. We will monitor your vehicle’s transport from booking to delivery and give you all the information needed so you may also be able to reach driver directly if desired.

Paying the driver

Drivers prefer direct payments. Payments may be made in cash, certified check or money order paid directly to the driver at pickup or delivery. (Credit card payment are also accepted *ask for details)